Early this spring we assessed Ponds 1 and 2, the two ponds we put the Perch eggs in last spring. We thought Pond 1 had originally been filled with little Perch fry, but as they grew a little bigger we determined they were just Shiners. We shrugged and said, “Oh well, we have a pond full of thousands of bait fish to sell.” Pond #2 was not showing any signs of life all year.
Pond #1 also has a number of Bass in it. Not what we want because they are bigger and will eat the fish we want to keep. So, Dave has been working to fish out the Bass all year.

This past weekend he took the kids out to the pond to work on fishing out the remaining Bass. And what was the surprise catch in Pond #2?!  A 4-inch Perch! We are pleased to know that some of the perch eggs did hatch and are surviving in the pond. We will during further assessments with nets to determine how many and what sizes they are.

But overall, our first year experiment of hatching eggs in the ponds has been somewhat successful.


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