Starting a Farm from Scratch: A Vision of Sustainable Living

Our small budget allowed us to purchase an old “fixer upper” on 20 acres in Ashtabula County. We didn’t care that the existing barn had collapsed or that the house was in shambles. We owned land! And land means the freedom to provide and sustain.

We know starting a farm from scratch is going to be a long and hard journey, but one we are proud and excited to be on. We didn’t even really know how to get started, we just knew we had to take one step and keep moving forward. We bought land, built our barn, bought a tractor and started out small with our garden and chickens. We dug multiple ponds on the property to have the foundation for our fish farm ready to go, but still had a lot of other things to get our property be set-up for sustainable living. Our garden provides vegetables, squash, potatoes and legumes all year around and we raise enough chicken, hunt and fish enough each year to provide our family with enough. When we have extra, we love to share our harvest with friends and neighbors. When we fall short, we are fortunate to be able to buy locally raised meat from various sources. We have a roadside stand for our fresh eggs and are finally at a point where we have enough of an abundance to sell some of our garden produce. 

Our vision for the future of Petro Farms is to show and teach others how you can use one to five acres of land to sustain your family. Rain barrels, gardens, fruit trees, a few livestock, repurposing materials, being conservative with your energy and making your own food. We want to be a place where people can learn how we are doing it and what they can do at their own homes. 



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